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12 Jan 2017

Chrysler 200 Super S

Hello everyone Rego here freedom to cry through to them going to be showing you the Chrysler 200 S super packing. Exclusive only on your super sport package. Here in the 200 is our cross here black grille also accented by you from platinum finish. Another great feature that they’ve added to the super sport at the package. Is the […]

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3 Nov 2016

Chevrolet Orlando

Chevrolet Orlando is a new addition to the family of 7-seat compact MPV, which has certain popularity due to its practicality. At first glance, the features of Chevrolet Orlando is synonymous to the appearance of a mid-sized crossover, but smooth body lines, wide headlamps and low ground clearance give it true nature. Orlando and Chevy Equinox will be liked by […]

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31 Oct 2016

Polishing of body.

Almost in each service station two main types of polishing are used: abrasive and protective. The first type is called reductive, because during the work we use special paste, which return the original appearance of the car. During the abrasive polishing of car to remove her body a few nanometers already oxidized paint. It also allows you to remove scratches […]

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29 Sep 2016

Why do we need crankcase of engine?

In addition to motor protection against of mechanical damage, the device often prevents the theft of the car, making access to the wiring more difficult. Sometimes criminals snack wire that goes from the battery to the electrical equipment and signaling, and is located rather low. It is problematic to do with an installed protection. Protection does not contribute to the […]

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