What kind of brand new car can you buy in Canada for $10000. Well there’s 2 of them. And this is one of them this is the Hyundai Accent ello. 2 door hatchback now. I figure if you don’t go in and out of it. It’s not a door so there’s no such thing as a 3 door hatchback. The other one you can buy is a kia Rio 4 door sedan they’re made by Hyundai as well and the point of this particular deal. Hyundai been in Canada for 25 years in these cars are available. Under $10000 now there’s a bit of a catch. Cash only. If you want to finance a car you got to start about 13000 Bucks. This also manual transmission. No air conditioning now we’re going to be driving this car all summer. And we kinda cheated a little bit we went for the air. Taxes delivery charges everything in were about 19. Still that’s not much money for a brand new car. Got a 4 cylinder engine 10 horsepower. But frankly it dries very well. Xcelerated decently in the city. One small problem with the car.

2009 Hyundai AccentIt’s really noisy on the highway at speeds that would make Julian Fantino cringe. Your ears are going to cringe before he even finds here there. But as a lot of features in this car am FM stereo radio with a single shot CD player. It’s even got an auxiliary input for your I pod. And as mark Richardson our editor pointed out not even the Bentley continental GT offer here that as standard equipment. New Hyundai Accent led headlights and led drl lights. Do you think the car doesn’t have. It doesn’t have power door locks. A bit of a pain in the neck. And it doesn’t have power windows once the last time you drove a new car that didn’t have power windows I mean we had to look up in the owners manual to figure out how to make this work up not for me because every time I drive my heart it I’ve got a wind windows. Other than that this a pretty decent little car it’s got your airbags it rides well it’s strong it’s nice the bill decent interior good quality. 13000 Bucks all in how can you go wrong for reals.CA I’m Jim cancer.