Hello everyone Rego here freedom to cry through to them going to be showing you the Chrysler 200 S super packing. Exclusive only on your super sport package. Here in the 200 is our cross here black grille also accented by you from platinum finish. Another great feature that they’ve added to the super sport at the package. Is the semi gloss rims not only are they semi gloss but they also had this real nice finishing this real nice time rest of look. I don’t even think it’s going to be available after this 2014 and if you see to complement those blacked out reams you also have your blacked out 207 here given that aggressive look making that super cool super aggressive and super sporty.

Chrysler 200 Super SChrysler 200 blackout in line with the blacked out vehicle here you also have your tailpipe through that complement the vehicles are more sporty aggressive look I your regular S. is gonna have the round tailpipe to he’s going to have the more rectangular you would. It’s also gonna be complemented by the skin felt here to give it a more super sporting a aggressive look to the vehicle had seen on the name super sport package a to complement the tailed for end of this vehicle you have your chrome platinum finish. And then you also have your spoiler here also which actually picked to their sticks out a little further than your regular model and new 2012 Chrysler 200 headlight. If you follow me inside the cabin here on the super s package he also noticed that you have a leather wrapped steering wheel good grip given that 40 look. You also have your controls here at your fingertips lay you can adjust your stereo without having to take your hands off just you know again another safety.

Sure I this vehicle is equipped with the budget safety features that go over for example we have this active headrests kid that if you’re a member and collision that would actually come out to lessen the flexible with. Are your stereos also quipped with voice recognition and Bluetooth also we also have one year subscription free of satellite radio you also had this kind of control monitor here that would actually read your body temperature and as long as it’s on auto it would turn on the air conditioning based on that sort of it’s getting too hot in the cabin no actually turn on to pull down the cabin which I think is really. And if you follow me back here to the backseat you’ll see that it’s very spacious and there were only.

It not only is it a nice super aspect is sports vehicle but it cost for a family vehicle so it looks for you but at the same time it’s practical for your family. You can actually fit that 3 adults back here how you also have your Cup holders here in your center console so you go out and get a bird being you sort of put you think you got it. So there you have it the super S. tack it is a very limited addition so if you do you want one come on down ask for a test drive here fitting jeep Chrysler that’s for Rico it’s here freedom there’s no limits.