crankcase of engineIn addition to motor protection against of mechanical damage, the device often prevents the theft of the car, making access to the wiring more difficult. Sometimes criminals snack wire that goes from the battery to the electrical equipment and signaling, and is located rather low. It is problematic to do with an installed protection.

Protection does not contribute to the engine overheating. When the car is moving, the air flow passing through the radiator in front of the car and cooled the engine. It will be useful even in winter, because it cools the engine more slowly than without it. Also, in addition sound insulation is glued to it to make it less rattled.

To replace the oil in the defense the holes with plastic caps are necessary that are just enough to open. During this procedure you do not have deprotected. It is necessary to remove if you need to change the filter, and access to it can be obtained only from the bottom. Although some products have hatch to replace the filter without removing the protection that will save money for its removal / installation.